Going Nowhere: a mystery podcast

I.XV. The Tunnels

September 8, 2020

“Start remembering the names and history that Nowhere has forgotten…”

This is Meg Bliss with the Going Nowhere podcast, for however long this podcast lasts, investigating the tunnels of Nowhere, and the archive beneath town hall.


The Tunnels was written, directed, and edited by A.M. Anderson. 

Link for Q&A: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDFCHi8Ctea6lGpB1_oDrkuJ0_ZNVxhdjYs0bHfW0SqQr3lA/viewform?usp=sf_link

Content Warnings: claustrophobia, loud SFX, droning SFX, head trauma, peril, implied suffocation


Part I of Going Nowhere has featured:

A.M. Anderson as Meg Bliss

Kiley Taylor as Maura James

Caitlin Pancia as the voice of Maybelle

Erik Smith as Oliver Davis (@smittysmashva on Twitter)

Rose K Morgan as Charlie Lyle (@RoseKMorgan on Twitter)

Alexis Grandis as “The Woman” or Madeline Ridland

Andrew Weston as “The Man” or Nicholas Doran (@Weston893 on Twitter and Andrew.Weston#6492 on Discord)

Aaron Raye as Scottie Walker (@aaronrayevo on Twitter)

Elizabeth Plant as Ellie Novak (@CelestielleVA on Twitter)

David Cook as Mayor Grayson (I.VIII. - I.XII.) 

Kyle Chua as Mayor Grayson (I.XV.)

Eli “Pluto Boy” Summers as Ignace (@AppleOfMyEli on Twitter)

And Matthew Wisdom as Arthur Grayson


Sound Effects and Music provided by iamgiorgio, GJOS, mario128, pfranzen, craigsmith, alec-mackay, eddies2000, speedygonzo, CastIronCarousel, Caitlin_100, altfuture, Aquafeniz, ForgetfulGardener, anemicrose, dominictreis, AnthonyRamierez, ABouch, Agaxly, mario1298, stevious42, hyderpotter, ultradust, kwahmah_02, Stephane_Carreaut, SpliceSound, Ith_std, bokal, pastabra, erh, sagetyrtle, cormi, cloe.king, spleencast, frolickingdp1, DavidFrBr, staticpony1, jokallset, et_graham, ipodpierwsza, paulmessier, flirtfm, SunnySideSound, OpenWillem, cinemabursts, freqman, Sheyvan, bormane, funwithsound, shelbyshark, fresco, sergiomarinis, alirabiei, MindlessTrails, vedas, acclivity, cyrileneros, giddster, klangfabrik, alirabiei, disagree, and SoundsforHim via Freesound.org


Contact and Helpful Links: https://nowherecast.carrd.co

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