Going Nowhere: a mystery podcast

I.XI/XII. The Church and the Steeple

August 11, 2020

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“You’ve already come this far.”

This is Meg Bliss with the Going Nowhere podcast, conducting a live investigation at the Grayson Mausoleum.


The Church and The Steeple was written, directed, and edited by A.M. Anderson.

Meg Bliss was played by A.M. Anderson.

Ellie Novak was played by Elizabeth Plant

Scottie Walker was played by Aaron Raye (@aaronrayevo on Twitter)

Charlie Lyle was played by Rose K Morgan (@RoseKMorgan on Twitter)

Mayor Grayson was played by David Cook


Content Warning: discussion of death and the afterlife, discussion of spirituality, loud SFX (11:05-11:25, 34:20-34-35), mild peril, emotional manipulation, shrill metal SFX, confinement, memory loss, implied child neglect, character death, audible crying (35:32-35:50)


Sound Effects and Music provided by albertomarun, iamgiorgio, npeo, craigsmith, newagesoup, morganveilleux, staticpony1, stevious42, DSOADigital, straget, disagree, tatianafeudal, lartti, saam18, postworkflow, FreqMan, RHumphries, Sheyvan, OtisJames, tdude9000, alienistcog, ScreamStudio, Clurky, samsterbirdies, Timmeh515, o_ciz, Robinhood76, CalGre, quobodup, SilentStrikeZ, nickmaymusic, CastIronCarousel, dersuperanton, musicjunk, sergenious, spoonbender, tim.kahn, vedas, acclivity, unfa, cyrilenerossouw, siddster, moogy73, Liancu, Alex Lane, mario1298, conleec, blimp66, and arnaud coutancier via Freesound.org.


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