Going Nowhere: a mystery podcast

I.VI. Past Curfew

June 30, 2020

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“Not everyone who goes into the cornfields comes back out in one piece…”

This is Meg Bliss and guest Scottie Walker with the Going Nowhere podcast, discussing the Somerset Murders in the cornfields of Nowhere.


Past Curfew was written, directed, and edited by A.M. Anderson.

Meg Bliss was played by A.M. Anderson.

Scottie Walker was played by Aaron Raye (@aaronrayevo on Twitter)


Content Warnings: blood, dismemberment, upsetting peril, brief mention of BPD, major gore descriptions, being followed


Sound Effects and Music provided by albertomarun, iamgiorgio, legend1060, setuniman, bruno-ph, ERH, lwdickens, jusebago, jedg, and Counter-gamer via Freesound.org


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