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I.V. The Neighbors

June 25, 2020

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“You don’t question in town hall.”

This is Meg Bliss with the Going Nowhere podcast, playing a series of recordings taken outside the home of Leo Bliss, regarding town hall and the existence of spiders.


The Neighbors was written, directed, and edited by A.M. Anderson.

Meg Bliss was played by A.M. Anderson.

The Man was played by Andrew Weston (@Weston893 on Twitter and Andrew.Weston#6492 on Discord)

The Woman was played by Alexis Grandis


Content Warning: spiders, arachnophobia, psychological manipulation, loud noises, authoritarian government, memory loss, possible depressive sentiment, yelling


Sound Effects provided by albertomarun, acclivity, vedas, cyrilenerossouw, jedg, drewhalasz, deleted_user_6718832, klankbleed, speedygonzo, PMarcy, lartti, altfuture, AMTR, jackmurrayofficial, ScreamStudio, mario1298, rucisko, acclivity, vedas, cyrilenerossouw via Freesound.org.



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